Grease Trap Pumping Service

What Are Grease Traps?

Greases and oils cause blockages and overflows in sewage systems and require expert handling and cleaning.

Grease traps are large containers specifically designed to trap fats, oils, and greases—often abbreviated as FOGs—before they enter the sewage pipes and drains. The aim is to collect the FOGs in the grease trap so that the water that flows out of the trap and into the sewage pipes is as clean as possible.

Commercial venues that use greases, fats, and oils are required to install grease trap interceptors on the premises to avoid grease build-up in the sewage system. Such overflow incidents are dangerous to public health and hard to clean.

How Does a Grease Trap Work?

The philosophy behind a grease trap is based on the fact that grease is less dense than water and floats to the top. A grease trap slows the inflow of water and allows grease to form at the top of the water. As water flows out of the grease trap, the grease is confined in the trap and the water that flows is relatively grease-free.

Depending on the quality and type of grease trap, it can contain up to 90% of FOGs.

Slowly, FOGs build up in the grease trap and need to be cleaned by experts who will also make sure the grease trap works properly. Maintaining your grease trap is essential for your premise: you may be asked for proof of grease-trap maintenance during a health inspection.

Which Commercial Institutions Require a Grease Trap?

Any commercial premise that prepares hot food is required by law to have a grease trap. This includes restaurants, bars, hospitals, bakeries, schools, colleges, cafés, takeaways, food manufacturers, and hotels.

Why Should I Service My Grease Trap?

Servicing your grease trap is required by law. It is also a necessary maintenance step that can save you future plumbing bills and repairs.

If your trap fills and overflows, you will need plumbing technicians to clean your sewage pipes and repair your grease trap. Clogged pipes are much more expensive to repair than paying for regular grease trap maintenance and cleaning.

A large plumbing repair may require for your premise to close down for hours. This will produce downtime and lost revenue, not to mention a hit on your business reputation—especially since a filled grease trap releases odors that can be unpleasant to customers and your workers.

Owens and Son’s Inc. Will Clean Your Grease Trap

Owens & Son’s Inc. has all the necessary equipment to clean and pump your grease trap from the FOGs that have built up. We will make sure your grease trap is working effectively and advise you on your grease trap’s proper function.

We will also issue the relevant documentation to display during a health inspection.

In case your grease trap is blocked due to infrequent maintenance and servicing, we will use our high-velocity water jetting system to unclog the pipes and allow water to flow freely.

Your Grease Trap Is Safe With Us

Whether you require emergency grease trap unclogging or regular grease trap pumping maintenance, Owens and Son’s will be there in the shortest of times to help your business be up and running.

Call 970-986-7426 to schedule an appointment and to receive your free quote!